Semi-automatic Labeling Machine with Coder



It belongs in semi labeling machine, adopts an inhaling label and then sticks for all kinds of the plane surface of the product. Like a flat bottle of cosmetics, packing box, plastic cover. To change the label cover mechanism, labeling can be finished on uneven surfaces, like concave surface, curved surface and so on. To change relevant management tool, labeling can be operated on not regular shape’s product. Select match color ribbon printer or inkjet printer to print production date and system’s number on the label, let integration of printing - labeling become true. Can be sued match with the various assembly line.


  • Model T30114
  • Labeling speed 10-25p/min
  • Labeling accurate ±0.5mm
  • Product scope(Length) 10-180mm
  • Product scope(Width) 10-180mm
  • Product scope(Thickness) 0.2mm~120mm
  • Label inner diameter 40mm/76mm
  • Label out diameter ??350mm
  • Power 200W
  • Voltage 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
  • Weight 48KG
  • Outsize 840x430x770mm(LxWxH)