Rd-2 Melting Point Tester



RD-2 Melting point tester

Melting point is the temperature of something turning to liquid from solid. Testing it is the main method to detect some characters such as purity etc.

RD series are suitable for testing melting points of drug, spice and dye etc.

Applicable standard

National standard (Chinese codex)/2005/

Corporate standard(Melting point tester)Q/12XQ0185-2004


1.Testing the temperature with standard mercury thermometer.

2.Using auto frequency-conversion control technology, with high accuracy in controlling temperature and little linear error in heating speed.

3.Auto magnetism stirrer, with the bath oil even in temperature.


Range of melting point                      (50-270)?

Accuracy                                         <200? ?±0.5?

                                                       ?200?  ?±1.0?

Usage temperature                                15-35?

Range of preset temperature                  50-260?

Oil bath                                              methyl silicone oil

Oil bath cup                                       250ML high beaker

Rate                                                 (1.0,1.5,)?/min

Accuracy of rate                               ?10%

Power of the heater                          200W

Power                                        220V/50Hz/500W

Dimension                                  320x180x290mm