Pneumatic Empty Capsule Up-loader



The JNJ Empty Capsule Conveyor is a simple and efficient method for the gentle and repeatable transfer of empty capsules into the capsule filling machine.

Empty capsules are manually loaded into a large diameter, low -height capsule storage-hopper. The empty capsules in the storage hopper are gradually picked up by the suction created by the venturi and gently conveyed in a low- pressure, high-volume airflow through the conveying pipework to the receiving hopper on the capsule-filling machine.
A fully adjustable optical sensor controls the level of capsules in the receiving hopper on the capsule filling machine, by automatically starting and stopping the conveying cycle.


  • Model JNJ
  • Capacity 300,000pcs/hour
  • Power 370W
  • Power Supply 220V 380V / 50Hz 60Hz
  • Dimensions 980*505*2100mm
  • Weight 75 KG