Painted Steel Single Person Air Shower



Product Description:

The  Painted Steel Cleanroom Air Shower could remove surface-deposited particles from personnel when they enter and exit a cleanroom or any other controlled environment (dust-free environment ). The electromagnetic interlock prevents that possibility of cross-contamination by allowing only one door at a time to open

Cleanroom Air Shower consists of a cabinet, stainless steel door (cold steel), pre-filter, HEPA filter, pan, plenum chamber, nozzle, interlocking control panel, operation panel, sensing equipment, etc. Cold steel is used for the air shower's cabinet, and stainless steel is used for the bottom. As to different customer's requirements, air showers with different materials or sizes can be designed and supplied.  


Regular size and parameter

Model XN-1R-129 XN-2R-159 XN-4R-159 XN-1H-200 XN-2H-230

External dimension


1290*1000*2050 1590*1000*2050 1590*2000*2050 2000*2000*2050 2300*2000*2050

Internal dimension


790*910*1930 790*910*1930 790*910*1930 1200*1910*1930 1500*1910*1930
Nozzle number 6 12 24 24 24
Wind(m/s) 20~28
Power(W) 750W 1500W 4500W 4500W 4500W
Approx.weight 200kgs 250kgs 400kgs 450kgs 600kgs
Voltage 3N 380V 50HZ
Person(s) per cycle 1-2 persons 1-2persons 2-4persons 6-10persons 6-10persons



≥99.99 @0.3μm
Wind speed 20~28m/s