Model Dx270 Automatic Case Packing Machine



1. Brief Introduction

Case packer DX270 can complete box opening, product stacking, packing and sealing functions automatically. It combines grand structure, good appearance, working reliability.
2. Main Technical Parameter

(1). Max Capacity:6cases/min.Power:
(2). Power:3.5KW.
(3). Air Consumption: <27L/cycle
(4). Dimension (L×W×H): 3650mm×2600mm×2000mm
3. Packing Range
Dimension of case:
Min size (L×W×H): 160mm×180mm×160mm
Max size (L×W×H): 550mm×500mm×400mm
Dimension of product:
Min size (L×W×H): 25mm×12mm×60mm
Max size (L×W×H): 275mm×250mm×400mm