Capsule Decapsulation/segregator Machine -300



This machine has been specially developed for reclaiming powder from filled capsules. The filled capsules are passed through magazines to facilitate cutting of individual capsules by the moving blades provided.

This ensures separation of shell and powder, wherein only a few traces of gelatin are present in the powder.



  • Model CB-300
  • Output Capacity 100-300pcs/min
  • Capsule model 0# 1# 2#
  • Power Supply 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
  • Power 0.32kw
  • Dimension 400x450x500mm
  • Net Weight(kg) 50kg



  1. It is ergonomically and ruggedly designed to suit all types of blisters with quick and simple adjustments. It is suitable for recycling the capsules 00#-4#.
  2. All stainless steel construction to meet cGMP standard.
  3. It can find out the problems and unqualified drugs and solve them in time and dispose of the capsules, which avoids the problem that all capsules are mixed in one lot of disposing.
  4. It improves the working efficiency and reduces the lobar intensity, which standardizes and clarify the whole process.
  5. It can separate and reserve automatically the waste capsules and drug powder after the capsules are pulled out.
  6. Automatic feeding and there are two separate chutes for products and waste materials.