Bj-3 Disintegration Tester



BJ-3 Disintegration tester

BJ series of instruments are used for detecting disintegration of solid in prescriptive conditions.

Applicable standards

National standard (Chinese codex)/2005/

Corporate standard( Disintegration tester)Q/12XQ0188-2004


1.  There are eighteen tubes in three basket assemblies/

2.  Each test station is driven independently. Auto stop at timing point

3.  The bath liquid can achieve an even temperature.

4.  A MPU is used to automatically control the temperature, time and frequency of nacelle up and down.

5.  Parameters can be preset at anytime. The preset and real data can be displayed alternately in time.

6.  Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.


Basket assembly                                                3

Nacelle up and down frequency                          (30~32)/min

Nacelle up and down range                                 (55±1)mm

Automatic time range                                           (1-900)min

Temperature range                                               ambient to 45.0?

Accuracy of controlling temperature                     ±0.5?

Power                                                                 220V/50Hz/600W or 110V/60Hz/600W

Dimension                                                        (540x300x420)mm3