Automatic Positioning Vertical Circular Labeling Machine



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Automatic Positioning Vertical Circular Labeling Machine

Available Options:

110V 60Hz 1Phase / CIF-Door Delivery, 110V 60Hz 1Phase / FOB, 220V 50Hz 1Phase / CIF-Door Delivery, 220V 50Hz 1Phase / FOB

This machine is applied to label the self-adhesive label on various round bottles or containers. It has accurate positioning function, high-speed labeling front and back at the same time.

This machine is widely used in electrical, pharmacy, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic and chemical industries.

 Technical parameters

  • Labeling speed Max to 120pcs/min (depends on products and labels size)
  • Label Size (W)20-180mm/(L)20-285mm
  • Product Size Diameter: 25mm-90mm Height: 25mm-300mm
  • Label Reel Inner diameter 76mm/Outer diameter 280mm
  • Accuracy ±1mm (depends on the product and label size)
  • Voltage 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
  • Machine size(L x W x H) 1950x1200x1530mm


  1. Adopt a mature technology PLC control system, the operation is stable and high-speed;
  2. Using the touch-screen control operating system, simple, practical, efficient;
  3. Adapt variety shape of an object in top labeling;
  4. Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately;
  5. Widely used and multi-function with high flexibility;
  6. Spurts the code system or bar code printer is optional.
  7. All are made of stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy.

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