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Automatic Horizontal Pouch Bag Packaging Line

(i). Model 240SZ Automatic Packaging Machine



  • One set of SN-240SZ packaging main machine
  • One set of lined shape tear notch device
  • One set of 10-digit date cold embosser
  • One set of finish product conveyor


  (ii). Powder Filling Devices installs to main machine (30-100g 200-500g,1000g, 2000g)



  • One set of Liner-weight
  • One set of Platform for Liner-weight
  • One set of Bucket conveyors with vibrating Feeder.
  • One set of augur filler with servo motor     


(iii). Capsule Filling Device install to the main machine


Section 1 User’s Information


  • Equipment Requirement


  • Machine Model: SN-240S (Big Stand-up Pouch)
  • Doser or Filling Unit(s): Liner-weightier
  • Sealing Bar Design: Lined (default)
  • Tear Notch Type: Straight Line Cut
  • Contact Parts: SS304 Food Grade
  • Machine Frame: Carbon Steel (default)
  • Optio Printer: 10-Digit Cold Embosser
  • Dust Collector: Not Needed



Electrical and Pneumatic Components: Please specify, if you require the specified vendor to electrical and pneumatic components. If not, we will use our default vendor. You may ask us for our default vendor list.

Please note that the cost may increase if the specified vendor is selected.


1.2 Packaging Requirement


Type of Sachet/Pouch/Bag: Standup Pouch (Doy Pack)

Function: zipper (option) Hanging Hole (Euro)

Sachet Dimension No 1 (default)

  • Width 100 175 200 mm
  • Length 175 285 300 _ mm
  • Bottom gusset width 45 45 50 mm


Material/Product Type: nuts/powder

Description: granule

Packaging Weight (gram) 250-500-800,1000, 2000


Section 2: Packaging Solution

Based on your requirement, we make the following proposal for you:


SN-240S Stand up pouches packing machine

The SN-240S Packaging Line includes:


  • One set of SN-240S packaging main machine
  • One set of lined shape tear notch device
  • One set of 10-digit date cold embosser
  • One set of finished product conveyor

Packaging Process:


  Section 3: Equipment Information

 Main machine Frame Equipment Photos

 3.2 SN-240SZ packaging main machine standard configuration:


  • A film reel auto-alignment shaft
  • One set of bottom seal Unit
  • V-sharp Standard Unit
  • An independent bag former
  • Four sets of the horizontal sealing unit
  • Two sets of the vertical sealing unit
  • Servo pouch puller
  • Mechanical scissors
  • Easy tearing notch cutter
  • Two Set of vacuum bag opening device
  • The automatic material-level control system
  • A Photocell tracking control system
  • An LCD touch-control operation system
  • A PLC control system
  • An automatic control system
  • An operation manual in English



3.3 Optional Function or Device:

  • No-Bag-No-Fill Function
  • CIP Cleaning System
  • UV Sterilizing Device
  • Vacuum Detecting Function
  • Ink-jet Date Printer
  • Please be noticed that additional charge will occur, when an optional function or device has been selected.



3.4 Technical Parameter

  • Pouch Width            100-210mm
  • Pouch Length:              120-300mm
  • Max Volume:              1400ml
  • Speed:         20-60 pouch/min.
  • Accuracy:                     <±1%
  • Reel 740mm
  • Electricity Consumption:       11KW
  • Air Consumption:   7m3/min
  • Weight 2800KG
  • Size (L×W×H):                8000mm×1250mm×1550mm                   


Estimated volume size, actual volume depends on the actual material

  • Speed calculation is based on empty sachet without filling, the filling may cause speed variation
  • Estimated accuracy, actual accuracy depends on the actual material.
  • Estimated dimension without any accessory add on


3.5 Main Machine Electrical and Pneumatic Components

3.6 Machine Features


Servo Advance System

  • Easy Computerized Specification change
  • Big torque moment of pouch advance
  • Stable Pouch advance with less deviation


Unique Walking Beam Structure


  • Accurate positioning with stable operation
  • Good Rigidity, big load-bearing
  • Long WB moving distance

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