Amp-y16 Automatic Tube Filling and Capping Machine Line-makes 150 Vials/min



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AMP-Y16 Automatic tube filling and capping machine 


Performance feature: 

1.   This machine adopts PLC control system, color touch screen display. 

 2.  Mainly used for   3-10ml tube   bottle filling, adding cap and tightening caps. 

 3.  Automatic tracking filling, which is not easy to crease foam. It transports the cap by electro magnetic vibration, high covering rate. 

4.   This machine is 2 in- filling and capping,  advanced design, and compact structure. 

 5.        Main electrical elements adopt foreign well-known brand. 

 6.        Filling nozzle and piston pumps  are made by 316 stainless steel. 

 7.        Machine body is made by 304 stainless steel, machine is completely meeting GMP requirements. 


Technical Parameters: 

Model: APM-Y16 

Filling Nozzle: 16 

Capping Head: 10 

Filling Per Minute-150 Vials/min 

Filling Volume: 3-10ml 

Accuracy: +/-1% 

Pass: 99% 

Net Weight: 1000kg 

Dimension: L3200 × W1600 × H1800mm 

Power Supply: 3 Phase. 380V, 50/60Hz 



APM-WT120 Automatic horizontal tube labeling machine 



The machine is suitable for labeling the unstable cylindrical objects, such as all kinds of oral liquid bottles, ampere bottles, reagent tube, pencil, solid glue bottles, pens, lipstick, etc. 

Function and features: 

1.   High speed labeling uses the side horizontal roller conveying mechanism, tilt conveyor chain, bottles are guided automatically, stable conveying label. 

2.   Broken bottles rate is low, application of flexible dividing technology makes bottle dividing and labeling smooth, broken rate is less than one over ten thousand. 

3.   Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, has function of no product no labeling, no label auto correction and label automatic detection, prevent leakage and labels to waste. 

4.   Labeling position accurately, fast speed and high precision, It has the function of fault alarm, production count, power saving, set production number, and parameter setting protection, convenient for production management. 

5.   PLC control system, color touch screen display.