Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Pharmaceutical Packaging

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Pharmaceutical Packaging

One of the pharmaceutical industry’s ongoing concerns is how to improve the packaging of products. Not only are medications susceptible to handling, transport, and temperatures, but shelf-life is also crucial to the product’s potency. Failure of packaging can render the product unusable, making pharmaceutical packaging critical in ensuring medical products’ quality.


Besides meeting the supply chain demands, packaging must also meet numerous standards regarding consumer safety and governmental regulations. Of the many pharmaceutical packaging challenges, there are three that are crucial to the successful distribution of quality products.


Handling and Transport

The packaging of pharmaceuticals must be designed to facilitate the movement of the product. Handling and transport times should be enabled by packaging and never slowed by its design. Most medicine boxes are rectangular to handle numerous products more efficiently, such as packing for shipping and stacking for storing. The successful packaging design of the product must increase its ability to be handled proficiently.


Pharmaceutical products are transported by land, sea, and air, presenting specific challenges in each method. Packaging must be of high quality and resistant to temperature changes, and impervious to air. Rotomolded cases, custom-made packaging materials, and heat-sealed containers can significantly protect pharmaceutical products in transport.


Preservation of Product

Medications are sensitive to a range of elements and need to be delivered to the shelf safely to preserve their integrity. Keeping the curative effects of the medicine is perhaps the most integral component of sufficient packaging. Certain medications are unstable and need to be packaged with fragile materials such as capsules or vials to maintain curative effects.


Providing Information

Pharmaceutical packaging must be able to be informative, providing doctors, nurses, medical staff, pharmacists, and consumers with all necessary information about a product. Packaging should contain batch numbers, expiration dates, composition, mode of use, and all other pertinent information that relates to the product.


Choosing the Right Product Packaging for Your Pharmaceutical Needs

Your product will most likely dictate the direction in which it’s packaging will need to be determined. You must evaluate all options and consider the handling, storing, transporting, and administering your product when deciding how it will be packaged. Quality packaging ensures quality products.


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