The Value In Drug Packaging In The Supply Chain Process

The Value In Drug Packaging In The Supply Chain Process

Pharmaceutical drug packaging is an often overlooked value component in the U.S. drug manufacturing industry, yet it remains a critical link in the supply chain. This drug packaging link ultimately connects drug manufacturers to consumers with the help of prescribers and dispensers. This role plays a significant performance in the supply chain process for the health care delivery system we know today. 

FDA Approval 

A crucial part of the FDA’s drug approval process is the final testing stage, where the drug goes to market for stability testing. This testing regards the level of potency and effectiveness that the drug retains while reaching the consumer. Packaging affects everything from moisture absorption levels, exposure to light, air and temperature interactions, and conditions that can alter or decrease the drug’s properties. These stability testing results help determine appropriate packaging for the medicine to maintain its integrity on the market. 

Stability Needs

Stability tests dictate the type of container or packaging of the drug. From traditional amber-colored bottles that keep light infiltration at a minimum to foil wraps and blister packaging, packaging ranges with the need of the contents that are to be inside. Requirements considered in packaging also include dosages of the drug and course of treatment counts, and intended supply durations. Medications can also be packaged in customized kits or single packs with specific dosages; everything is considered when packaging is determined. 


Value In The Supply Chain

The final choice of packaging has value in the supply chain of the drug. In choosing the best packaging for the product, both the supply chain’s safety and security improvements. The drug can maintain its stability throughout the lifespan to the expiration date, regardless of where and how long it has been sitting until consumption. Packaging that ensures a drug is effective during its lifespan helps increase its effectiveness and the integrity of its dosage guide. 


Overmedicating errors, especially in multi packages, can be reduced, eliminating pharmacists’ need to pull bottles and count pills. Security is reinforced throughout the package’s safety measures, such as child safety designs and anti-tampering elements. Each of these safety considerations must be taken into account when determining a pharmaceutical product’s sufficient packaging. 


Quality Packaging Products

The value of the drug product lies well within its packaging. When considering your products’ packaging needs, APM USA has what you need to ensure product stability, safety, and security. 

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